Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to Alum Status, Sis!

I swear NCSU made the grad attire red just so she couldn't reuse mine (which was black).

And while she may be an undergrad alum, she's heading back to NCSU in the fall for four more years. At the end of those four years and a board certification or two, you may call her Dr. Mandy and you will take your puppies and kitties to her for all their TLC and veterinary needs... when she's not taking care of the Army's animals!

If you didn't know, I'm her official part-time paparazzi. You can peruse 153 photos here :-)

PS - I realize I'm a weekend and some change late on this post, but the day after graduation she and her pals hopped on a cruise from Florida to Mexico, then she came home and hopped in a car bound for Atlantic City, and then flies back tomorrow and then goes to D.C. for the weekend... so she won't see this until next week (or today on facebook) anyways. Who knew she'd graduate and become a lady of leisure?

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