Thursday, May 06, 2010

If you've ever had lunch or dinner with me...

... then you've probably observed that everyone who does not eat pickles will give me theirs. (Love my friends!)

I am also a potato chip connoisseur. Not just any potato chips will do. I'm a big fan of the really crunchy ones - generally known as kettle-cooked chips.

I picked up lunch from Durham's Parker & Otis the other day and found something that was made JUST FOR ME (or at least it seems).

You can order them in bulk on their website:

So much for that eating healthy thing! ;-)

PS - And don't think that I won't take a side trip on my next DC visit to go watch them make these small batch wonders of the potato chip world. That ok with you Adrianne?

FTC blogger disclosure: I was not contacted by Rt. 11 to blog about this post or compensated. But I would SO not object to a box of dill pickle potato chips. Nom, nom, nom! :-)

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