Monday, May 24, 2010


I typically despise Mondays. Since I can't stand having a crappy outlook on anything, I'm changing the way I start my week.

I picked up Every Monday Matters a while back and decided yesterday that I'm going to start making Mondays matter... TODAY!

I'm on Week 1 - Making a list of what matters most to me!

Also in Week 1, I've made a list of things things that waste time in my life and making a plan to reduce those things so I have more time for the important stuff.

I've added this little tidbit to the sidebar of this blog so that anyone reading out there who cares can keep up with my new Mondays. I'll probably group a few Mondays together here in there so that way it doesn't take me a whole year to finish this project. If you want to borrow this book after me, just let me know!

(Just so you know, I'm definitely not a "self-help book" kind of girl... which is good... because this is not one of those books. Each week the goal is really simple and complemented by facts about why one should take on this goal and then resources for doing so. I can get behind that!)

I linked the book image above to if you're interested in getting a copy yourself!

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