Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Time to Paaaaaarty!

I hope everyone (well, at least those of you locals who it's feasible for) will come celebrate the opening of Sauced Pizza with me tomorrow!

This is another of the many distractions that's kept me from blogging much lately, but boy it's a delicious one. Between the pizza by the slice, the caprese salads, and the Hayes Barton Dessertery desserts... you're going to be lookin' at one chubby girl here before too long. (Not because any of it is particularly bad on its own, but it's the fact that I have no desire to go anywhere other than Sauced Pizza, lately. Hah!)

The New York-style pizza restaurant / NC pub has been open for about a week now (benefiting from working out some of the early opening kinks - a "soft opening"), but tomorrow is the official grand opening party. Come anytime, it's open until 3am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights... so the party will go on as long as folks want to stay!

Here's a few ways to keep updated on Sauced Pizza as I try not to blog about clients too much!


PS - Big "thanks!" to Barefoot in the Park for the Sauced Pizza love on her blog today... totally unsolicited (and authentic!), but very much appreciated. :-*

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  1. #1: fresh, not greesy, and crispy. my favorite pizza combos!

    #2: yum!