Friday, April 25, 2008

Update: We Spend Our Summers at the Creek

My original post, lives here.

Walnut Creek, (formerly Alltel Pavilion), Time Warner Cable whatever it is now - identity crisis aside - has done an EXCELLENT job putting together an exciting "season" (I mean, it does last from April to October) for 2008! Last year, I would have swore up and down they were on the verge of going out of business having lack luster events planned other than the standard six or seven country concerts and the loss of their title sponsor.

This year however, a better Mega-Ticket line-up including Tim McGraw, and incorporating Maroon 5, Tom Petty, Journey, James Taylor, and Jack Johnson into their schedule guarantees that less of my paycheck will ever make it into savings.

Are you an Outlook or Google calendar junkie like me? I added the events into a comma separated values file (perfect for importing) of almost all of the shows. Anything that gets added from here may or may not get updated... but I'm saving everyone a good 30 minutes.

Here ya go!

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