Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sad To See Iatria Go

...from Leo's RalCon Tumblog... a link to Sue Stock's (The N&O) "Raleigh Pioneer Pulls Out".

It seems that Iatria will be leaving Downtown at the end of this month :-( They are definitely one of their kind in the heart of Downtown on the ground-level of the new Progress Energy building.

There are other similar salons on Glenwood, but Iatria is a true day spa. I've worked with the Downtown manager, Traci, doing cross-promotions for Buckhead and setting up some fabulous bachelorette pampering parties and she is FABULOUS, so if she'll be moving to one of Iatria's other locations... that's where I'll be getting pampered from now on!

Also noted in the article... Cody's Chinese Bistro will be closing at the end of this month.

So... is anything new coming or is it all bad news? There is a new retail boutique opening up shop at Five Points...

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