Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Around here, we make koozies for everything. (And it took me a minute to think about whether I wanted to create this blog post here, or on my fashion & trend blog. Guess what... it's going in both because I think it's totally relevant to all things Southern and trendy.)

Lisa at Fred's Beds introduced me to a wonderful, low-cost koozie company (based right here in Raleigh, woo!) online at KustomKoozies.com. Her contact there, Linda,.... is awesome! I definitely suggest these folks for any large amounts of koozie you may need (weddings, birthdays, sorority and fraternity events, etc.). We used them for the Fred's Beds / Susan G. Komen October '07 breast cancer awareness "Sleeping for the Cure" campaign and they were able to help us in a huge time crunch. I later used them with my BUS 465 IMC Management class for our Honda Accord Coupe on-campus promotional event.

I am SUPER excited to see this week's Gifts & Decorative Accessories Product Wire eNewsletter had Mary Phillips Designs (from here in Raleigh as well!) in their New to Market section. Here was their blurb on the super-cute "Bride" koozie:

"Stay Cool

Collapsible Coozie Collection from Mary Phillips Designs keeps beverages cool and shows personality. Other messages including “You call me ‘Party Girl’ like it’s a bad thing” and “Life’s Uncertain. Drink Now.” $8.

Mary Phillips Designs, Raleigh NC

(800) 825-4575"

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