Sunday, September 12, 2010

Local Raves: The Produce Box

Nick and I (and really mostly me in that equation) have a weekly CSA (community-sustained agriculture) service we can buy from and have delivered -- The Produce Box. I totally forgot to login before 9pm tonight and pick out which Produce Box I wanted for this upcoming week. This girl certainly lucked out, however! Check out this week's goodies:

Box A (Double share of sweet potatoes)
Lots of Sweet Potatoes
1/2 # Salted "ready to eat"peanuts
Tomatoes grape or cherry
Assorted apples (6-8 depending on size)
Cucumbers 4-5 (depending on size)

SO excited. Those are probably my most favorite NC produce items! (Although I'd certainly take big tomatoes, too.) I case you were wondering, here are the other offerings I could have picked from:
Box B (Fresh basil and cider!)
Large Onion
1.5 oz Fresh Basil leaves
Local Muscadine Grape cider
Tomatoes grape or cherry
Butternut squash
Sweet pototatoes

Box C (Oregano and Thyme)
Sweet Potatoes
One bunch Fresh Oregano
One bunch Fresh Thyme
Large Onion
Peaches 4-6
Cucumbers 4-5
Tomatoes cherry or grape

1 case (12 jars) $56
Tomato Salsa
Jalepeno Pepper Jelly
Spicy sweet dill pickles
Pickled okra
Pickled Habanero Pepper

Shitake Mushrooms (larger portion this time: 1/2 #):$6.50
John Toogood's Chocolate Chip Bread: $6.75
Garlic Ristra Wall Hanging: $11.00
.50 donation to help with shipping all our donated shoes to Haiti: .50
Mmmm... peaches would have been stellar, too. Wonder when the fall apple cider will show up?

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