Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yabba Dabba Do!

Once again, totally loving Google's change for the day to celebrate something special... the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones!

When I got to Shoeboxed today, Caitlin and I were sitting in the marketing room confessing that we both DVR it regularly since it airs on the Boomerang TV network from Cartoon Network (along with The Jetsons and other longtime favorites).

Any other "timeless" classics you love? I'm also a sucker for Alf and Disney animated classic movies that are NOT in 3-D.


  1. How do you know about ALF - you are way too young:) That was one of my faves growing up! I also loved Fraggle Rock and the Snorkels - classics for sure!

  2. I you tube Kids Incorporated on the regular. I know it's not animated...but it counts, right?! :)