Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegas - Round Two

Remember Round 1? That was bachelorette party style.

Round 2 this past weekend was "couples style", if you will.

Hotel: Mandalay Bay. They pump a smell into Mandalay Bay. Whatever it is, I'd like to buy it... by the gallon!

{Image: About.com travel}

Hotel Pool: Beach at Mandalay. 99 degrees F, no humidity!
Dinner #1: 9 Fine Irishmen (at New York, New York). Good, but way too much food went to waste. (Portions are out of control in Vegas dining.)

Show: Ka. If you do anything in Vegas, go see Ka at MGM Grand!

{Image: Ka official site.}

Daily Distraction: Auto Collection at the Imperial.

Dinner #3: VooDoo Steak & Lounge. Kick ass view of the Vegas Strip from the rooftop bar at Rio (That's for you, Ashton!).

Rivals the view from Mix at THE hotel at Mandalay Bay.
A few pics on facebook, mostly of cars from The Auto Collections at the Imperial.

By the way, a lady won $700,000+ on a slot machine at Monte Carlo while we were there. It wasn't this girl. I lost $2.00 on slots - playing a whopping two times. Bummer.

PS: I'm sick now (thank you crappy recycled air on the 5-hour flight home), another bummer.

Ok, someone take me back to Vegas!


  1. Looks like fun! We're going to be there in November for our anniversary - can't wait!