Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Be There!

I mean, what sounds better for a Monday night?

SO pumped that I'll be back from Vegas (leaving Thursday AM out of Charlotte!) in time for this! I haven't been back to the Brewpub since the first time Nick, Adrianne, Joey, and I tried it just after opening, so this is a great reason for me to return. (And give them a chance to recapture me as a customer. The lackluster service, boring food, and scant beverage selection for the non-beer drinker didn't do it for me last time.)

I'm all about a second chance though! (The first few weeks can be awkward for a new establishment with a new staff.)

Here's the map, for anyone who may not be familiar with the area that I drive past multiple times a day. I know, I'm a lucky girl.

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