Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm the TBMF Expert...

...so don't BS me in regards to the Triangle Beach Music Festival!

If you still need to go get tickets to the TBMF this weekend, or you need extras like me, DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL KIDS RECORDS on Hillsborough Street.

I went to pick up tickets for a few out-of-towners who didn't want to buy them online and wait at will call to pick them up. They sent me their $25.00 and I hopped over to School Kids. The man (I guess the owner) behind the counter charged me $79.50 for three. It was supposed to be $75.00. I inquired as to why they were different than advertised and he looked me right in the eye and told me "everyone is charging more for them".

I am a moron and went ahead and paid the extra $4.50 -- even after telling him I know the folks who run the event and I was pretty sure that wasn't right. I promptly emailed my friend who does the tickets and website and he knew who I was talking about before even asking... he then told me that the other outlets aren't charging service charges!

Never lie to a woman -- we always find out... jerk!

If you still need to pick up tickets, go to Garden Gate Cafe in Garner. They have some left. For $25.00. (Tookie's is sold out.)

Call the other places if Garner is out of the way - and don't let them lie to you, either.

Whatever you do, don't go to School Kids. I never will again.

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  1. "Never lie to a woman -- we always find out... jerk!" Then we don't feel bad when we have to lie back ;)