Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bridal Parties & the Like: Downtown Raleigh

I have been been bouncing around the idea of starting a website or blog dedicated to being the most awesome bridesmaid you can be... ever. You know, something to the tune of "".

Why? Because I get asked questions like this on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

"Hey Lisa - Where should I plan a bridal party in Raleigh for about 20-30 guests?"
Here are a few of my recommendations:
Amra's {}
Super trendy upscale decor, great wine selection, and catering available from Tobacco Road.
On Glenwood

Tobacco Road {}
Dining room or private room reservation. Great food, full bar, and a very attentive and friendly staff.
On Glenwood

Metro Café {}
The girls from the E. Riley-soon-to-be-Dorn team and I hosted one here recently. They let us bring in our own food (great budget saver) and were SO nice.
City Market

Peche de Chocolat {}
A chocolate and wine bar that has just relocated from City Market to Glenwood, too. Laura is the owner, she's awesome.
On Glenwood

The Oxford - {}
For a large party, you can likely reserve the area "under the stars" that stayed after the conversion from Yancey's to The Oxford. Great food, full bar.
Fayetteville Street

All of these suggestions are in Downtown Raleigh. Each website should have an email address or a contact page for you or whoever is planning your party to contact each venue about hosting the event there.

If anyone reading wants some options in Cary or any other parts of town, just shoot me an email or leave a comment!

Any other Downtown suggestions from my fellow Raleigh kids?


  1. we went to a party at "Landmark Tavern" It was very nice and again, you could bring your own food!

  2. I love Landmark - that's a great choice, too!

  3. PS - I don't think they have an official site, so here are a few local links. Profile article

  4. so you must really enjoy being a bridesmaid then huh?

  5. It can be expensive, but it's generally a lot of fun, too. For someone to love you enough to ask you to be a part of their wedding... that's pretty important :-)