Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Noon Game?! Seriously?!

NCSU vs. ECU... arguably one of the finest tailgates in all of North Carolina. No matter how wonderful or how poorly the Wolfpack and Pirates may be performing in the stadium... rest assured that no tailgate in the history of this meeting has ever been anything short of masterfully executed.

A noon gametime for September 20th? GEEEEZ.

I know that my dear NCSU is always looking for the ESPN or ESPN 2 pick-up but that makes for one sleepy tailgate. Not that I'm opposed to the "keg and eggs" spread, but that really should take place no more than once or twice per season... and never for when our real tailgating opponents are visiting. How am I supposed to function as a gracious tailgate hostess when I've only had a nap the evening before (because we'll obviously start the pre-game at the bar on Friday evening).

It's like the BF said: ECU has been whoopin' up on teams in the daytime - the Wolfpack should probably have aimed to switch it up on them with an evening/night game in Wolfpack territory if we hope to have any chance of emerging from the game victoriously.

I'll bring the FireFly's Sweet Tea Vodka... who'll sign up to bring the mimosas and bloody marys? (Adrianne and Laura... this is your official call-out. ;-))


  1. I agree on all counts mentioned...hatin' on the morning tailgates!! Just to let you know, my DD is looking at both ECU and NCSU as potential schools, however, I attended ECU so I must say Go Pirates!! Hey Hey, EC, U look so good to me!!

    Forgive me?????

  2. Totally forgiveable... I spent many a good time (and tailgate) at good ol' E-C-YOUUUUUUUU!

  3. There is a WONDERFUL reason for this. Despite your reasoning (which is sound), you really don't want to give ECU and State fans all day to get liquored up before a game. I was at the game in '87 when ECU fans destroyed fences and bushes and got into a fracas with security folks, and I saw them do it again a decade or so ago when they beat Miami AT Carter-Finley.

    A noon kickoff is the ONLY option.

  4. As insane of a sitution as that sounds, even 3pm I feel is a better option - even if for nothing less than logistics. In all seriousness, only the most committed of tailgaters seem to make it out to the early games which crams a significantly increased amount of atendees driving into the Carter-Finley area in a shorter amount of time. That just might be the number two reason I'll be out there by 8:30am at the latest ;-)

    Would crowd control really be that big of an issue now compared to years ago (since I can only remember back to games around the late 90's)? I can only imagine the amount of law enforcement we have on premise now is dramatically more than it was then.

  5. I see where you're coming from, but...

    For those of us with weddings to go to that night (NIGHT,yikes), it is a good thing!

    Go Pirates! I'm thinking mayyyybe I can do both?!

  6. You can deffff do both... just take it easy on the tailgating ;-)