Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chi Phi Thai

This funny little segment from this weekend's Good Morning America really makes me miss my sorority days - and want a Red Bull really bad, too.

Note: This took place at UNC, but all local letter-wearers can still support the awesome Greek system in the Triangle and our brothers and sisters in Carolina Blue. Well, that is... until November 22nd... then it's ON!

Click here ( to watch the UNC ADPi vs. Chi Phi cook-off on GMA since there's no embed code.

PS - Best tie-breaker, EVER. Watch the video!


  1. So cute - makes me want to wear my letters and pearls to work tomorrow!

  2. Absolutely adorable!! And what better tie-breaker than Ramses?

    (By the way, I am quite impressed with what both houses came up with)