Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cherry Bounce

What a true Raleigh-kid tradition!

If you're not a big Downtowner, here's what you've missed the past few weeks (err... months) in the blogosphere:
Drink Cherry Bounce at Deep South (The Raleigh Connoisseur)
The drink that started it all (Raleigh Philosophical Society)

"Cherry" is alraedy a major part of my drink and dessert vocabularies... can't wait to give this a try at Deep South the Bar, soon! Here's a list of 6 different recipes for Cherry Bounce from cooks.com - be sure to report back if you give any a try!

Could be an interesting fall cocktail experiment for me to take on, as well...

11/10 Update: I've had the Deep South cocktail... it was yummy. (Skip the martini glass, ask for a rocks or pint glass. It's my own little trick to not spilling red drink all down a white top.)

Aaaaand Leo's back with his own success story - which includes another save-worthy recipe from a commenter!

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