Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hushpuppies are a Big Deal

I almost laughed out loud when I read this line from George Cox's review of Garner's (somewhat new) Shuck 'Em Shack:

Hushpuppies are not bad for a commercial product, though the Southerner in me cringes at paying $1.99 for a dozen.
I can remember going to Dockside at some point in college, one of the best locations in Wilmington for a great coastal view - paired with a bite to eat and a tasty drink. only to find out at that point they had decided to not offer hushpuppies at all. (Something about space for the fryer or it being the off-season... clearly I was in no mind for any excuses.) Everyone at our table heavily considered just leaving before ordering anything. What's a Po' Boy sandwich with a no hushpuppies? (The answer: not much.)

Same situation with the ill-fated Sunny Side Too, which also called Garner home. (I can name more than a handful of reasons this local restaurant didn't last, sadly. But I won't.)

My point is this: in Carolina, and much of the South, hushpuppies are expected. And we more often than not expect them to be yummy and a complimentary part of the Southern seafood meal.

You can read Greg's entire report on the Shuck 'Em Shack online at


  1. you just made my day with this post! I am a little late on seeing it, haha, but I don't eat meat but choose to go to BBQ places just to get their fabulous hushpuppies! My dad makes them for our church bbq every year and they are amazing. and yes, they-are-expected!!!

  2. Just stumbled across this site. Had to comment. If you're ever in the mood and have a fry-daddy, get some House Autry Mills mix and go to town. Fresh out of the fryer, they will bring a happy tear to your eyes.

  3. House Autry is my brand of choice, Jay! And J. Moss, that's the reason I go to 'que restaurants, too!