Saturday, January 29, 2011

All Star Shenigans!

"The fact the All-Star Game is awarded to the Hurricanes is a testament to the strength of this franchise and, above all, the enthusiasm and fantastic support that you 'Caniacs have shown your team. When the Canes are home, you make RBC Center one of the loudest places in sports." - Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner

Nick and I headed down to the FREE headline 3 Doors Down concert last night at the (still fairly new) Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater (that you'd think has finally gotten approval to be called the Bud Light Ampitheater due to all the Bud Light signage displayed) and it did not disappoint! 3 Doors Down has been my favorite rock band for years and their most-recent Raleigh show was canceled when the lead singer was sick. Seeing them for free? Yep, I braved the cold for that! We had a nice view from the lawn, but many thanks go out to Marcie, Ellen, and Andrew for inviting us to join them at the media box for an even closer view... directly behind all the crowd surfers ;-)

There is SO much happening for free on Fayetteville Street and for $8.00 in the Convention center still today as part of the NHL All Star Wide Open weekend, so if you're in Raleigh and haven't made it to Downtown yet for the All Star shenanigans, you should do yourself a favor and put on some comfy shoes and make your way down!

Nick and I are heading out shortly to check out today's action on Fayetteville Street and maybe even spend a few bucks to head inside the Convention Center. See ya there!

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