Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scam Alert

Back Story: I got an email this week from Mandy's husband Nathan that he had received a call this week asking for my employment information and a social security number, from a company which he didn't recognize.

I called the number he had been left to see who this was doing an unexpected "background check" on me and was consistently was connected to voicemail. The number called me again the next day and when I answered it, a woman named "Wanda" with "DCS, Inc." told me she worked for an agency that had been "hired" to collect over $24,900 in student debt that I had "neglected my obligation" to fulfill.


I explained to her that it was impossible as I had attended NCSU on a full scholarship. She asked me my birthday and then decided they had "made a mistake"... and then she hung up on me! I called her back to ask for some sort of confirmation by mail or email that they had realized their mistake and she wouldn't provide one. [I had yet to use the "b" word, but I was quite close to it at this point.]

This all still sounded super scammy to me, so I called Mom to let her and Dad know what had gone on in case anything goes to their house or is called in on their phone number. Mom said I should actually see if I can get a mailing address for the number and file a complaint with the Attorney General, especially since they went as far as to call an employer (which I have no idea how they would have gotten that information or who else they may have contacted).

So long story short - big props to Nathan for not handing out my information without being cautious, and if you're a recent college grad, be on the lookout! I wonder how many people this "business" has contacted demanding payment...


  1. Props to Nathan! Actually after the whole "fake british guy trying to rent our beach house" debacle we are definitely on the look out for scammers!

  2. A few years back I had a run-in with a collection agency hired by AT&T on a debt I didn't owe. After going round and round with them for months I got smart and called in the N.C. Attorney General. Magically my problem was cleared up in days.

    Do give the Attorney General's office a call. They have a way of getting attention. :)