Monday, April 05, 2010

Any Local Twilight Fans Here?

I typically - as a rule - only watch one genre of movies: funny movies. (This hasn't always been the case, but several years ago movies seemed to have just gotten a lot more graphic and I just can't deal with that.)

I've rarely hopped on the bandwagon for "must see movies", but I have a confession to make. I just added all of the past Twilight films to my Netflix queue. Happy Jess and Grube? I'm sure I will now jump at the chance to see a movie at midnight when it comes out.

This can totally be attributed to the fun the girls at Swagger are having right now in anticipation for the release of Eclipse (the third in the Twilight film series) this summer. There is just no way I could join in the fun without knowing which team to join, right?

Here's the skinny from Swagger:

With the release of Eclipse, the third movie in the series, we decided to have a little fun with it and raise money for a great cause at the same time!

Who is the event benefiting?
The RED CROSS (get it - vampires,blood - yeah we know we are cheesy but this is going to be fun!:-) )

What is the goal?
To raise $1000 for the Red Cross by the premiere of the Eclipse Movie on June 30th, 2010. We have installed a "countdown" so we know how much longer we have!

When is the event?
The event is ongoing and is happening EVERY DAY at Swagger between NOW and JUNE 30th.

Where is the event?
At Swagger Gifts in Cary, NC

How can YOU get involved?
Do you love Edward or Jacob? Would you like a picture with "them"? Come by Swagger and take one! We are just asking for a donation - anything you want to give! Make your friends jealous and post it as your FB profile or frame it and keep it by your bed - we won't tell!
So, are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Undecided? Check out all of the pictures on Swagger's blog and stop in and join the fun for a great cause if you're local!

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