Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Bar's Gone Crazy

Note: I have no idea how we can afford to do this, but I'm not asking questions.

This is the email I just got from Julie, our Sales Manager… and I’m really excited:

“We are going to start doing a crazy weekly drink special trying to boost people's attitudes about the bad economy...therefore we will be having $2 GREY GOOSE drinks all night this Friday! Now you have no reason to sit at home on the couch and say you can't go out because it's too expensive :) This week it's Grey Goose, next week it could be Patron, so stay tuned.”Put your party pants on Raleigh people!

PS – Feel free to forward this to your friends with my contact info, should they need any more info or want to contact me to ask questions, get on the members list so they can skip that step at the door, etc. (NCSULilWolf at Gmail -dot- com).

PS #2- I will have “Be My Guest” passes and can put anyone on the guest list for any Friday and Saturday THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR as a special holiday incentive. Take advantage of this now!

Just please try to let me know before… oh… 11pm when you’re at the front door.

I will be glad to give any of you as many “Be My Guest” passes as you’d like in advance as long as you promise not to waste them! (There are some of you who should just keep them in your purse/wallet at all times.)


  1. I can see why they will do that...

    Not everyone will drink $2 Grey Goose. Some people have handsome Crown Royal drinking friends.

    Then you have those that yell "JAGER BOMB" at random times.

  2. That and once you're out, you can't buy anymore from the ABC commission at midnight ;-)

  3. And uggggh... f'in Jager... hate it. I do love that video though :-)