Friday, November 07, 2008

Majorly DIY, Majorly Local

So I was just checking out Spoonflower (after a recommendation from Southern) and doing the usual - sharing it on Google Reader, emailing it to people I'm not directly connected to on Google Reader, adding it to my Google Toolbar bookmarks (noticing a trend here?), and registering for the site - all normal stuff.

Then I stumbled upon this:

Activate your new account.

Welcome to Spoonflower!

Your account has been created. To activate it you must open the activation email that has just been sent to you and click on the indicated link. This will bring you straight back to Spoonflower where you can customize your password and start creating beautiful fabric.

Spoonflower gives individuals the power to print their own designs on fabric that they can then use to make quilts, clothes, pillows, blankets, framed textile art and many, many other things that might surprise you.

If you experience problems gaining access to your account...

You can email us at

Or give us a jingle at +1 919 321 2949

- the spoonflower team
Are you kidding me? 919?? You KNOOOOOW how I like to keep it local. I'm giving this a try as soon as I can figure out what I'd like to DIY in the next few weeks (ie: when I may actually have time to DIY something).

Whitney Barnes Deal, is this your doing? I can so see this being a project of hers...

11/16/08 Update - Got an email from them today with a Mebane, NC mailing address. Totally thought that was (336) territory, but I could be wrong.


  1. I love it and I cannot WAIT to use it. I have to figure out what I want first...

  2. Let me know if you find out where it is located. I'm going to check it out myself.

  3. I'm sure it's probably online only without a real brick-and-mortar storefront... but give it a shot nonetheless!