Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Still Here... I'm Just "in a Southern State of Mind"

Sorry for disappearing on everyone! I spend so much time on my computer and online for work+work that I'm spending less and less of my personal time anywhere near either these days. I'm looking for a little more normalcy these days though, so hopefully I'll be back to some enjoyable blogging soon!

In the meantime, I had to share a snippet from my friend Nikki's new blog: Southern State of Mind.

Guess who is going to download this Darius Rucker song promptly? (Me!)

"You can see it in the clothes I wear you can hear it when I talk
Ball cap, boots, and jeans and a little southern drawl
I could be up in Ohio or back home in Caroline
No matter what state I'm in
I'm in a Southern state of mind"
And yes, I'm going to be a good blogging friend and encourage Nikki to not make her blog private so that way more of you fantastic readers can readily follow along with her posts. :-)


  1. that was the song my husband and i wanted to walk into our reception at our wedding a few weeks ago. i love this song!

  2. awww I took your advice! It's no longer private! :) thanks Lisa!! :)