Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 NC State Fair in Review

Went a total of four times this year - all four were fantastic, per the usual.

Tuesday: The boys wanted to go for dinner. Saw a cow utterly object (nice play on words, right?) to practicing in the show circle any longer by hopping over the fence and running out of the building... with about 10 folks chasing her. Classic! Kicking myself for being too engaged in watching the action to take a video or get a picture of this.

Thursday: We went again for dinner, dragged Little Sister along for the fun, too. It was Can Day, but we forgot to help out this great cause and just paid at the gate. (Darn it!)

Saturday: Saw Hoooootie! (Aka: Darius Rucker). One of the best country shows I've seen in quite some time. Included Darius songs, a Toby Keith song ("God Love Her"), a few classic country hits, and three Hootie hits. Perfection!

Sunday: Breakfast and lunch with the family - NC State fair style! Did the Turkey Shoot. I missed the entire paper target, naturally.

Got a little education in under my belt, too - courtesy of this Deep Fried (NC State Fair) blog post:

NC is ranked 2nd in egg production in the U.S.
NC produces about 25% of the nation’s Christmas Trees
NC grows 45% of the nation’s sweet potatoes…
Also, I found the following items to be newly-vegetarian approved at this year's State Fair (in no particular order):Mt. Olive pickles, peanuts, fried pickles, fried Oreos, fried honey buns, Al's French Fries, candy apples, egg biscuits, hush puppies, veggie plate at the Amran Shriners tent, etc.
PS - I also just read that the NC State Fair had 1,000,000 visitors this year... a NC State Fair First!

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