Saturday, June 12, 2010

Currrolina Saturday Night

The words are actually "Carolina Saturday night", but Sunny Ledfurd sings it with a drawl. Sunny has been a fixture in the NC bar rocker scene for quite sometime (especially in Charlotte, but also in Raleigh at City Limits Saloon) and I am SO glad to hear him on XM Radio's "Nashville" station now!

Check out the new video for "Pontoon Boat". I would like to dedicate this to my pontoon friends...

(Above: That was the boys' "cursed" boat via Summer 2008. They called it "cursed", I called them "rookies". I still love them all, though!)

(Above: The entire "Buckhead Saloon and Friends" crew celebrating Kite's birthday out at Falls Lake... circa Summer 2008.)

My sister and I are heading to the beach this afternoon for a mini-vacay... see you suckers next week!

And PS - While pontoon boats are a NC lake fixture, I'd be lying if I said that I have not asked Nick if we can take a pontoon boat out in the ocean. ;-)

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