Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yee Haw, Y'all!

I found out about this because I am subscribed to Eric Church's RSS feeds for his upcoming tour dates. When I saw he would be playing Raleigh at TWC this summer, I clicked through to see who he was with. The Country Throwdown Tour is DEFINITELY on my calendar!

May 27th in Charlotte, May 28th here Raleigh!

You could say I was pleasantly surprised. Just check out these details

I <3 MG, Jack, EYB, the Trailers, and Heidi. I can't wait to see what other talent they add to this kick ass lineup!

See y'all there!

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  1. You are cute as can be. Enjoyed reading your blog and good to see you are a Wolfpack fan, Eric Church, and so much more. My son graduated from State. Good luck to you and really fun reading your blog.