Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Calling All Mommies, Awesome Aunts, and Grand Parents...

As I was thinking about buying gifts for tomorrow’s Jingle Ball (, I realized that I obviously don’t do all that much toy buying!

I am wondering if any of you awesome readers have any tips on how to maximize $25.00 in the world of toys?

Since this is such a great cause, I want to try and contribute as much as I can with a $25.00 value of gifts donated, but I don’t want to buy things that will go unused. I know this is probably not the best time of year to try and work some magic for toys, but didn’t know if there were any good options outside of a traditional toy store that I should be looking at.

Or, if there are any toy retailers, who always have a coupon available like Bed, Bath, and Beyond does for household items ;-)

Thank you - in advance - for any tips!

I also emailed this to Sue Stock to see if she has any tips. If she does, I'll be sure to post them here in the comments.

PS - Daddy input welcome, too. Sorry I forgot about that major group!


  1. Update from Sue Stock:

    Well Bed Bath does have SOME toys if you have some of those 20 percent coupons.

    Honestly, Target's $5 toys have been tough to beat lately but you'd have to wait until Sunday, which I don't think you can...

    Kohls is a good one especially if you have some Kohl's Cash lying around (ask someone, maybe they will donate)

    Check (click on USA site and then click on "retail" coupons). You may find some there too.

    Thanks Sue!!! :-)

  2. PS - I found a $5.00 coupon for Walgreen's $10.00 toys (I think that was the promo) in yesterday's paper at my mom and dad's house. I also flipped through a flyer for Big Lots and they were advertising sales on toys including $4.00 Barbies.