Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Add This to Your Christmas List

I was debating whether or not to blog about this, but it's gotten a TON of attention on my facebook... so apparently the people approve!

My question to my twitter/facebook friends was this, "Do you think my Tarheel boyfriend would kill me if my car played the NC State fight song when I unlock the doors?"

The press release I read about the Motor Mouth includes the following:

"Looking for the perfect gift that someone will enjoy long after the holiday season is over? Look no further than Motor Mouth, the product that can turn anyone's car or truck into a personal broadcast system. The product, which gives individual vehicles a unique ringtone so owners can tell the world what they are passionate about, is available in several sound series including hunter and sportsman, specific colleges, auto racing, barnyard, holiday and several others."

"Sounds available include: Sportsman Series: wild turkey (NWTF Licensed), duck commander, wild boar, goose, deer, duck and elk. Sports fans can enjoy the "Start Your Engines" race series or baseball, while the lifestyle series offers holiday sounds, barnyard animal sounds, horse sounds and hound dog sounds. The company also has exclusive rights with NC State University, East Carolina University, West Virginia University and University of Tennessee to market the sounds unique to those schools, including the school's fight songs."
After several "likes"' and amusing comments on facebook, it appears that boys AND girls are a fan of this. I imagine people would have a fit over it in the parking lot at the NCSU vs. UNC game this weekend.

I personally don't need to attract any more wildlife than necessary (the deer are everywhere this year, drive safe!), but I do like the selection they have and think my car should play the NC State Fight Song... or maybe something NASCAR (I prefer "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity" over "Start your engines", but I guess DW has that trademarked!).

If you are so inclined, you can check out their website.

{PS} This blog post was not endorsed or sponsored by Motor Mouth, nor am I employed by them - I just thought it was kinda cool. Lucky for them, huh?

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