Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday felt like a particularly crappy day to me. It was dreary outside, things are getting held up at work which are keeping me from getting started on new projects I'm really excited about, and I was getting frustrated by having people over and over tell me why things couldn't happen instead of just taking that effort to MAKE things happen. (That's a BIG personal pet peeve of mine.)

Well to top it all off, Nick and I were sitting at a stop light on our way to Best Buy to get a movie to watch and...


... we got rear ended. Icing on the cake.

Really, it was no biggie, the damage isn't that much, and the guy was pretty nice. I felt worse for him because he was the one driving the SUV with bad karma (it was a police auction vehicle that someone had been murdered in AND when he took it to his mechanic to have the door fixed, they found balloons of crack in the body of the truck - W.T.F!).

Naturally, when I woke up to a monsoon today I wasn't particularly thrilled to start with Tuesday. I briefly read through my twitter posts from yesterday though and got a nice dose of perspective from something I had reposted (RT = retweet).

@NCSULilWolf: Oh my! RT @NBC17: Just heard a call on the scanner for assistance w/ "a snake inside a vehicle." Talk about a crappy way to start a Monday.
Seriously, my day was not THAT bad.

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  1. Hope today is better!! And OMG in regards to crack balloons in car doors!! That is crazy!!