Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head...

...well, not so much. But it's getting better!

If you're a DIY'er and would like to keep some of the rain drops around for gardening... or whatever else, check out this info from the City of Raleigh. These are some of the best prices I've seen for rain barrel workshops! (I think I've seen something in the $25 range posted at Whole Foods on Wade Avenue... but I just can't be sure).

Have fun!

Make Every Drop Count!
Raleigh Parks and Recreation
Rain Barrel Workshops

In these “how to” workshops, participants will construct their very own blue style rain barrel to take home with them. Your rain barrel will come complete with a screen, overflow hose, faucet, and gutter downspout for just $25! Use your new barrel to keep your landscaping green & growing.

Date: Monday, April 21
Time: 6-9PM
Location: Jaycee Community Center
Date: Friday, May 16, 2008
Time: 6-9PM
Location: Lake Lynn Community Center
Date: Wednesday, May 21
Time: 6-9PM
Location: Durant Nature Park Training Lodge

Date: Wednesday, June 11
Time: 6-9PM
Location: Lake Johnson’s Magnolia Cottage
Date: Tuesday, July 8
Time: 6-9PM
Location: Top Green Neighborhood Center
(10-15 years old youth are fine while assisting an adult)

To Register:
• Mail-in Registration form to:
Raleigh Parks and Recreation
2401 Wade Ave. Raleigh, NC 27607
• Online at

Questions? Please call Durant Nature Park at 870-2871 for details.

A Waste Reduction Specialist who emailed me also included additional information (she was on top of it!):
What was left off the flyer is that the rain barrels are 55 gallons. When you go to the web page listed, click on the RECLINK logo in the upper left corner and enter bar code 72046. If you have other questions you can contact Cara (see below) directly:
Cara Doyle McLeod
Marketing Coordinator

Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department
222 West Hargett Street, Suite 608
P.O. Box 590
Raleigh, North Carolina 27602

Phone: (919) 890-3659
Fax: (919) 890-3299

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