Monday, July 02, 2007

Recycle Your Old License Plates

I'm what Marshal Cohen calls a "light-green" kind of girl. I'm very adamant about recycling what I can but I still like to drive a SUV or gas-guzzling truck. Hey - you can't tow a boat with a Prius.... at least I don't suggest it.

In light of NC's new license plates... I'm passing along this recycling opportunity from my City of Raleigh May/June 2007 Newsletter:

"NC's vehicle license plates are getting a makeover by the NC DMV. DMV is replacing existing plates with an updated version. The oldest plates are being replaced first.

Owners receiving new plates are encouraged to take their old plates to license plate agencies for recycling. Raleigh DMV offices are at the following addresses:

DMV HQ's: 1100 New Bern Ave., 715-7000
West Raleigh: 3231 Avert Ferry Road, 816-9197
Holly Park Shopping Center: 3070 Wake Forest Road, 872-2815
N. Raleigh River Place Commerce Center: 9701 Capital Blvd - Suite 100, 570-1016"

Now, I'm not criticizing... but wouldn't it have made more sense to include an envelope that people could have sent their old ones back in postage free (think: Netflix) ... which I believe would increase the amount that actually get recycled? (Not to mention, now people without insurance are just going to be able to get these extras in their hands and drive around with invalid plates...)

Oh well, recycle those plates anyways y'all!

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